Sustainability Insulation

Bradford Insulation Group has been manufacturing energy saving insulation in Australia since 1934. With extensive operations across the Asia Pacific region, Bradford Insulation is a world renowned leader in the insulation industry, with a long involvement in providing energy efficiency solutions.

The generation of energy using fossil fuels has resulted in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), which have been linked to global warming and climate change. Insulation contributes to a more sustainable environment, by reducing energy consumption in buildings and industrial processes.

Bradford supports sustainability in 3 key ways:

  1. Improving the living and working environment through greater thermal and acoustic comfort
  2. Saving energy and reducing the associated greenhouse gas emissions
  3. Reducing waste through environmentally sound manufacturing

Bradford Insulation’s glasswool is manufactured from up to 80% recycled glass, waste flat glass and bottle glass, depending on availability. In addition, the remaining glass is made primarily from sand – an abundant resource.

Bradford’s glasswool process utilises up to 40% recycled scrap glasswool , using innovative briquetting technology developed by Bradford.

Our glasswool plant:

  • Recycle all water used in the manufacturing process
  • Use high efficiency world class process control technology
  • Maximise compression packaging to reduce transportation energy use
  • Comply with all relevant product and manufacturing standards including ISO9000 and AS/NZ 4859.1

Bradford glasswool insulation products last the lifetime of the building and can be fully recycled, if left in their original condition.

Bradford glasswool insulation uses no ozone depleting products (ODP) in manufacture, have low volatile organic componds (VOC) and low allergen, and have low embodied energy.

Bradford glasswool is amongst the world’s most sustainabile building products.

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