Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Specialists

Austral Insulation have been supplying and installing insulation into homes and commercial buildings for over 40 years (Est. 1977). With this experience, we have the right products to keep your home quiet and comfortable.

We can recommend the exact product for your needs, and are happy to provide free advice of you wish to install the material yourself.

If you are building or renovating, we have many suggestions which will add value to your home and provide lifelong comfort.

Our Company History

The Early Days
Over 30 years ago while working as a sales represenative with Bradford Insulation, I recognised the need to establish a service to supply and install Bradford Gold Batts into people’s homes. This was unheard of back then.

I was the first person in Queensland to do this type of work. Not only did I quote each job in the morning, but in the afternoon I would install the batts myself. I slept well at night! Over the years the business expanded to provide other services and other insulation products. We now supply the full product range to all different markets.

During the next two decades, along came many other so-called “innovative” insulation products, and I have installed most of them. (Many of which are not available now). However as time proven again and again, the Bradford Gold Batts still remain the best value for money, hassle free product with proven results.

We now do work for many major builders and government departments, so it is important the products we use enhance our reputation.

Another lesson I have learnt over the years is the best way to provide consistent, reliable service is to employ my own men, train them and constantly check their work. This philosophy may cost more upfront, but the long-term benefits outweigh the initial expenditure.

With more people now aware of the benefits of insulating their homes, and with the right products and service, I believe we will continue to be busy well into the future.

Lloyd Marchant