The heat that passes through the roof & ceiling may affect your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. This could lead to higher energy costs if not addressed immediately and efficiently.

Austral Insulation will help you control the amount of heat that enters your home. We offer thermal insulation materials designed specifically to minimise heat transfer through the roof & ceiling, and to maximise the thermal efficiency of your suspended floors and exterior cavity walls.

We offer excellent insulation products for ceiling, walls, and floors. Learn more about our ceiling and wall batts today.

Gold Ceiling Batts ™

Gold Ceiling Batts

Bradford Gold ceiling batts are designed to reduce heat transfer through the ceiling of your home, improving your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Bradford Gold Ceiling batts can also be installed into the cavity of suspended floors to increase both acoustic and thermal benefits. Gold ceiling batts are supplied in Queensland in R-Values from R2.5 – R5.0.

Gold ™ Wall Batts

Gold Ceiling Batts

Bradford Gold Wall Batts are specifically designed to deliver optimum performance to exterior cavity walls. Bradford Gold wall batts are available in R-Values from R1.5 – R2.7

Bradford Black

Gold Ceiling Batts

Bradford Black Insulation is manufactured using natural organic binders, making the product softer to touch whilst still delivering on performance to keep the home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Bradford Black is hypoallergenic, an approved partner of the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice Program. Available in a range of R-values.

Customer Notice

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