Austral Insulation offers a variety of excellent products designed for the pipe and HVAC insulation in industrial environments. We have insulation materials especially manufactured for external and internal HVAC ducting, as well as insulation for tanks, vessels, and larger equipment.

Our skilled technicians have worked with various projects and have a deep understanding of your industrial installation needs. We are more than happy to provide the most suitable insulation product for your site. We carry some of the best brands in the industry, giving you great value in your insulation project.

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HVAC Insulation

Enviroduct HVAC Insulation

Austral offers a range of glasswool and rockwool products for the internal and external insulation of HVAC ducting. These products are available either plain or with a range of facings to meet specific project requirements.

Fibertex Industrial Rockwool

Fibertex Industrial Rockwool

Austral offers a range of rockwool products specifically designed for applications up to 820oC. These products are used to insulate tanks, vessels and larger process equipment from energy loss and to provide personnel protection. Products are generally selected by the temperature of the application.

Pipe Insulation

Pipe Insulation

Austral offers a range of glasswool and rockwool pipe insulation suitable for the external insulation of pipework. Austral has solutions suitable for chilled water to high temperatature applications up to 650oC

Customer Notice

Austral Insulation "Supply Only” of all types of insulation. For your “Installation” needs, please contact Bradford Insulation 1300 760 233