The Spores Code: Easy Ways to Control Moisture at Home

April 15th, 2014 Posted by australinsulation in - Thermal Insulation

Effective moisture control is an important part of any home maintenance project. Too much humidity promotes mould growth, worsens indoor air quality, and aggravates allergies in some people. Mould turns into a big problem when it damages your valuable possessions and the structure of the house. And the most effective way to control these microbes is to regulate moisture.

Mould can appear and grow in almost any room in the house. To help you out, here are some easy-to-follow tips to control moisture in these mould hotspots.


Where there is water there is moisture, and most likely, moulds. Paint or wallpapers peeling off, windowsills starting to rot, water dripping from vents, or tiles starting to curl are all signs your bathroom has a moisture problem.

To deal with this:

  • Try using cooler water during showers. This puts less moisture into the air and also uses less energy.
  • Drain the water properly. A small puddle on the floor, splashes on the wooden wall, or condensation on the ceiling all add up not only to promote mould growth, but also damage these surfaces.
  • Increase ventilation by using the exhaust fan or opening windows during and after your hot shower.

The key is to keep the bathroom as clean and dry as you can.


Water streaming down the windows, moisture under the sink and counters, peeling paint, curling tiles, and wet stains on cabinet doors and other wooden surfaces are signs you have a moisture problem in the kitchen.

To deal with this:

  • Use the vent or exhaust fan every time you cook to reduce moisture in the room, especially when there’s too much steam or smoke from your cooking.
  • Don’t simmer foods for excessive lengths of time.
  • Always check the pipes for leaks.

Living Room

The living room often doesn’t come up when it comes to moisture problems, but it should be one of the first areas to check as it is often the room where air from the HVAC converge.

To deal with this:

  • Open the curtains and drapes to let sunshine in
  • Leave the doors to the bedroom open to improve air circulation
  • Make sure you’re using quality insulation that not only keeps in heat, but keeps away moisture.

Our range of insulation and ventilation products will all deal with your moisture problems. We offer a wide choice of solutions that remove moisture-laden air, improve the indoor air quality, and add value to your home.

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