Since 1977, Austral Insulation has been providing insulation and ventilation products for Australian homes. We're Queenslands oldest and most respected home insulation company. Call us on (07) 3249 1888 or complete your details below for a no-obligation quote right now.

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Why We’re The Best

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Get the right product for your home with our free consulting and quoting service. We draw on our extensive experience to recommend you the best product for your home. We can even provide products and advice if you want to install them yourself.

Full Lifetime Guarantee On Batts

Every purchase from us has a written lifetime guarantee backed up by CSR Bradford Insulation. This ensures that your batts will achieve the best fire rating, are low allergen, bio-soluble, non-conductive, and are guaranteed not to rot, mould or deteriorate.

Full Guarantee On Installation

We have worked hard over the past 37 years to provide consistent high quality workmanship and reliable service. This means that we can guarantee that you will always receive a high quality job, that’s clean and completed by courteous and professional installers.

Supporting Local Business

CSR Bradford Insulation is a fully owned Australian Company manufacturing batts right here at Brendale , Brisbane. Austral Insulation is still owned and managed by its original owner, employing local people for over 37 years.

Exceptional Efficiency

Long before anybody even knew about sustainable building, people trusted Bradford batts, because they are tried and proven over many years to keep you comfortable.
Bradford batts can also reduce your heating and cooling costs up to 12 fold.

Thermal Insulation

Keeping cool in summer and warm in winter is the key to home comfort. The Bradford range of thermal insulation products provide a cost effective way of helping to maintain a constant temperature in your home all year round.

Thermal Insulation

Acoustic Insulation

Noise can disrupt the peace in your home. Traffic, neighbours, even the racket your own family makes can cause stress and discomfort. Bradford’s acoustic insulation products will help soundproof your home

Acoustic Insulation


The Edmonds range of home ventilation products work hand-in-hand with insulation and draught control, to create a more comfortable and energy efficient home.

Home Ventilation

Moisture Control

Too much moisture or humidity in your home may lead to mould and rot, which can impact on your health and the structural integrity of your home. With Bradford products, it can be prevented.

Moisture Control


A Complete range of acoustic, thermal and fire prevention products to suit commercial buildings. (Warehouses, offices, etc.)

Commercial Insulation

Industrial & Hvac

Speciality products for acoustic and thermal insulation to:- Pipework, High Temp. Vessels and air-conditioning ductwork.

Industrial Insulation