Battle the Heat, Battle the Costs with Bradford’s Thermal Insulation

October 17th, 2013 Posted by australinsulation in - Thermal Insulation

Not sure how to maintain a stable, comfortable level of cool during these hot months?

Keeping your home cool shouldn’t mean leaving all those air conditioners turned on the entire day. This will only produce excess noise and cause a spike in your monthly electricity bills. Thermal insulation – this is your answer, and we specialise in providing it.

Maintaining a stable level of cool is the key to home comfort. Our range of thermal insulation solutions will provide an affordable way of maintaining steady temperature in your home all year round. And note that we only use the most reliable and safe materials to help maintain that precious chill inside your property.

Cost Savings

Your ACs account for almost 40% of your monthly bills, and proper insulation can result in huge cost reductions while still giving you the comfort you want. During its existence, your thermal insulation will pay for itself multiple times, giving you high returns on investment.

An effective sound inhibitor

Apart from acoustic insulation, which is also one of our services, thermal insulation also acts as a sound inhibitor, reducing the amount of noise that enters your household. By lowering noise levels, you and your family can sit back and relax; no noises and hassles from the outside. This is especially beneficial if your house is on a busy street, or near flight paths.

Best of both worlds

Other than maintaining a stable and comfortable temperature inside your property, our thermal insulation is one of the many home upgrades you can make that will truly add value to your property. Our Gold Ceiling Batts™ and Gold Wall Batts™ can deliver maximum performance guaranteed for the lifetime of your home.

Becoming the modern day heroes

Today, you need to be more environmentally aware; insulation helps maintain a stable temperature in your household, which means reducing the use of electricity to power your ACs. This leads to a reduced carbon footprint and helps reduce the use of fossil fuels that contribute to climate change.

Austral Insulation is committed to providing high quality insulation to make comfortable living environments. Call 07 3249 1888 today and allow us to do all the work for you!

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