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Follow the easy steps in this page to receive a no-obligation free quote from Austral for insulating your home….

STEP 1. Draw
a plan of the outside of your dwelling on a piece of paper

STEP 2. Measure
the OUTSIDE walls and record the dimensions in metres
STEP 3. Divide
the plan into rectangles to suit the measurements, as per the
example below
STEP 4. Calculate
areas of the rectangles and add them up. (this gives the Gross
For Example:

STEP 5. Write this information down so that you do not forget it.

STEP 6. Fill in the following form so that we can post a quote out to you. Please be assured that your details will not, for any reason, be used for any other purpose or given to any other organisation.

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Please enter the Gross Area you calculated in STEP 4
Please enter anything else you feel to he important, or any other questions about insulation you would like answered.
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