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Lower Energy Bills By Adding Ceiling Insulation

If you live in Brisbane you know the temperature swings several days in the year well over 35C degrees.  You probably also remember that the city was freezing in July a few years ago and if you’ve noticed your heating and cooling bill has continued to increase over previous years usage, then it’s time for an energy audit.  With our complimentary energy audit you’ll learn exactly where there are gaps in your insulation including ceiling insulation.  Brisbane homeowners often can recoup the cost of adding new insulation into their attic interior within a year by lowering their heating and cooling costs.

Along with keeping a Brisbane home at a comfortable temperature, wall and ceiling insulation acts to absorb noises between floors and rooms inside a building.  It also helps keep outdoor noise and traffic sounds from invading a home.   Even the sound of rain can be nerve racking with improper ceiling insulation.  Brisbane residents seeking a quality water-resistant and noise reducing insulation should look into Bradford SoundScreen Plus.  This insulation can be installed in-between floors to significantly reduce the noises between rooms in your home.  Also, Bradford Gold ceiling insulation reduces the amount of heat entering in from the roof through the attic.

If you live in or near Brisbane and have more questions on ceiling insulation, we invite you give us a call at (07) 3249 1888 to arrange for an appointment to discuss your project.

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How Effective Is Your Existing Ceiling Insulation?

Brisbane building or roofing contractors apply a quality rating to the kind and amount of ceiling insulation that exists in a home. This is known as the R factor, and the higher it is, the more effective the ceiling insulation is. For instance, an R factor of R-2.5 is much better than an R-factor of R-1.0. This factor is determined based on what kind of material is being used as insulation, as well as its relative thickness.

There are two basic types of ceiling insulation: batts (usually available in glasswool or polyester) and roofing blanket (glasswool blanket bonded to foil). Batts can be retrofitted into most homes achieve very high R-ratings.

Roofing blanket is installed under metal sheets during construction. It also helps reduce condensation, with a metal roof a  combination of both roofy blanket  and batts is an ideal solution.

You should contact a local Brisbane roofing company or heating and cooling contractor once you have investigated your ceiling insulation to provide you with professional advice. They can offer you recommendations on how to achieve the best R factor possible. The higher the R factor, the lower your energy bills are bound to be. In the end, whatever you choose should make a noticeable difference in the heating and cooling of your home: your heating system will work more quickly, and your air conditioner will keep your home cooler longer.

If you have more questions on the type of ceiling insulation that is best suited for your Australian home, give us a call at 07 3249 1888.

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