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How to Get Started on Soundproofing Your Home

Noise is one of the biggest concerns of homeowners. It affects their sleep and privacy. Installing acoustic insulation products is an ideal way to reduce the noise inside the home. Austral Insulation offers the most efficient acoustic and thermal insulation products at competitive prices so you can save on your energy bills while creating a better home environment.

When it comes to insulation, these major areas should be your focus:

In Between Rooms

You already know that noise travels at a fast speed. That’s why you can easily hear your kids or guests talking in the next room. You can also hear the loud speaker of your children’s entertainment system. As far as privacy is concerned, you should insulate your rooms to avoid disturbing and being disturbed. We’re proud to say that we have what you need to achieve this. We sell and install insulation materials in between rooms to give you some peace and quiet.

In Between Floors

Are you hearing clatters coming from the second floor? Our Bradford sound screen will reduce the disturbance from airborne noise. We’ll install the right insulation materials in between the floors of your home. Our products offer the highest level of reliability when it comes to acoustic insulation. You can even set up a home music studio after we finish installing the sound screen.

On External Walls

External noises can cause unnecessary disturbance. This is particularly true if you’re living in a highly populated area with noise coming from the traffic outside. Austral Insulation has the best solution to your problem. With high quality insulation materials installed on your external walls, you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful home; even if you live in the liveliest city in Australia.

Create a better living environment for you and your family. Call us so we can insulate your home right away.

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Acoustic Insulation Brisbane – Noisy Home?

A study completed in 2005, the TNS Global Noise Reduction Market Understanding Study, revealed that 78% of homeowners are bothered by noise in their homes.  Insulation is needed not only to prevent loss of cool or warm air from building interiors, but it also is used as an acoustic insulation.  Brisbane homeowners benefit from using Bradford insulation products, including their acoustic insulation, by reducing energy costs and nuisance noise “bleeds” inside their homes.

If you live in the Brisbane region you are familiar with the temperature swings in our area.  It’s not unusual to experience summer days well over 35C, but you may remember a few years ago when the July temperature dropped to 0C.  This drastic temperature change caused many a homeowner to evaluate their home insulation.

Insulation is critical to keeping your home comfortable, but using an acoustic insulation product can help minimize internal noises in a home.

Acoustic insulation is applied to the walls and mid-floors of a building.  If you are retrofitting a home interior, this is an ideal time to apply Bradford Soundscreen to the internal walls.  Bradford New Generation Soundscreen is used on the external side of a wall so it is usually installed during the construction of a building.  If you want to prevent noise from and upper floor penetrating to the lower levels then use our Bradford New Generation Soundscreen for mid-floors.  Use acoustic insulation in your Brisbane home to keep noises where they belong.

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